☺ cool tunes i enjoy ☺

the album "sunny" by the artist atlas is one of my all-time favorites. in fact, atlas is my favorite musical artist ever. his music was the first i ever felt a significant connection to...and that means a lot to me. i used to listen to music for the pure sound - i used music as a background noise instead of acknowledging it as what it really is: art. a form of expression. feelings. thoughts. an important part of culture and self-identity. a coping mechanism.

mt. marcy makes amazing, chill music that can always put me at ease. like, when i feel anxious/am having an anxiety or panic attack, or when i feel extremely angry and impulsive or even just depressed - i will listen to mt. marcy's music and feel just a bit more...reasonable. it makes me breathe a little better and i appreciate this music very, very much.